Thursday, January 04, 2007

happy feet

Daniel loves childcare so much that, despite finishing work at 4.30pm yesterday and despite missing him like crazy and totally NOT wanting to go to the mall, I went to the mall instead of picking him up. Between 5pm and 6.30, all the children are put into one room so there's some serious mingling going on while they all wait for their respective pickups. Daniel thinks this time of day is The Shit, so much so that when I come to get him, he lights up for the millisecond it takes for him to realise the implications of my presence, and then he turns turtle and buggers off into the wild, blue yonder. Or, headfirst into the biggest pile of oversized lego he can find, whichever comes first. So to keep us both happy, he with the toys and me with my desire to actually raise my child, I stayed for a while yesterday, and he showed his appreciation by doing an inordinate amount of standing around while punching the sky and bellowing, Rocky style, while I stood back and, in between fart arsing around with my camera phone, whistled appreciatively. People, I captured a milestone and you lucky sums of butchers get to see it in this ultra low quality video of a video I took with my stupid phone.

Please co ordinate your Mexican waves.

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