Sunday, December 24, 2006

mama's little helper

Having woken up with the same bitch of a headache that made life so joyous last week for four magnificent days, the first order of the day, after wrestling with Squee Boy, who was already awake and who'd been crawling all over me while I pseudo slept, was to scramble some eggs for his breakfast. The first egg was successfully extracted from its cosy little home, while the second egg left half its shell in the damn carton and consequently, all of its innards on the bottom of the fridge. After a quick clean up, a few cuss words and another egg transferred intact, I found that sometime overnight, a jar of fruit puree had oozed all over the pantry shelf, which was choice so again with the cleanup and the cusswords.

After breakfast, what with all this good fortune going on, it seemed like a good idea to set up my new camera's software.

Firstly, the fucking disk didn't work, so in between pulling clumps of hair out and counting to ten, I obsessivley loaded and reloaded that damn thing, and all that happened was that my computer valiantly tried to read it before failing again and again and again. After an hour of this and because I'm nothing if not stubborn, pig headed and determined, I called the damn store and kvetched about the stupid disk to someone called Alison, who passed me on to Simon, who said that he'd loaded HUNDREDS of Finepix software and had never had any issues, then the disk suddenly sprung to life, so thanks for the insight Simon, but ta ta, and I loaded the stupid software. Then I mounted my camera (is it just me, or does that sound dirty?) and found out that while yes, it was loaded, it didn't fucking work. So I called the store again and spoke to Julie who said that she had a Fuji camera and its software never worked either so eat that, Simon, and I closed that Finepix bullshit down. Then, lightbulb! I have Image Capture, duh, which of course, worked. Thanks Julie, and would you mind kicking Simon in the shins for me? Excellent. And with that, I transferred the images to my computer, unmounted (heh) the camera, unplugged the cable from the USB port and then got some stupid message saying "Card Not Initialized", which turned out to be just what I needed. Ha ha HA. Christ. So I set about fixing that, which, exactly how high was I? So I called the store again and again, got the fabulous Simon who said "I have no idea". I was all calm and shit while Simon was being about as useful as tits on a bull, but ANYWAY. I ended up formatting the card to get the bitch to work again, so thank fuck the images had all been transfered, never mind that it took me half a day to do it.

And then I had to make the bed. Aw.

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