Sunday, December 17, 2006

I burned the damn baby food

so I'm feeling a little sorry for myself. Also, I have a few tips for those of you who are friends with anyone who's a mother.

If you call in to see your friend and she hasn't showered and her hair is a mess and she tells you she hasn't even had time to clean her teeth yet, and when you look around, because seriously, do that, you see that there's a big pot o' food cooking on the stove, laundry audibly being both washed and dried in the background, stop and think about it. She was putting the vacuum cleaner away when you called by, and there's a mop propped in the corner of the kitchen next to a steaming bucket of water, and she's told you that the baby has only just gone down for his morning nap. These things are an indication that maybe she's not up for a little conversation, so go home. Leave. Don't make her repeat the bit about being too busy to stop because she already feels mean enough. You're not stupid so you know that the kid's naptime is the only time she has to do the housework before cleaning her own self, so say hello and then say goodbye. If you decide to stay, quit watching her shove the vacuum cleaner into a corner and do something useful. You don't need to do much, just something. Pick up a toy or put away a book, and when you're done, you know what she'd really appreciate? YOU making the damn coffee and telling her to sit still for five minutes while you put the stupid vacuum cleaner away.

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