Wednesday, February 22, 2006

say cheese

When Daniel smiles, his lips crinkle at the edges and his little face creases up and it's the best thing ever - and then he powers it up a zillion percent and...imagine you're watching fireworks go off and there's this explosion lighting up the sky, and it's suddenly eclipsed by an even bigger, better and more spectacular display that in no way takes the shine off its predescessor...that's his smiles. He has this first one that is SO enough, but it's invariably a warm up for a second one that lights up the world. Okay, my world, but it's pretty spectacular, regardless of the radius of its WOW! factor.

Smiles however, are becoming increasingly difficult to capture because the deebster has worked out that mummy + camera = spots in front of his eyes, so now when I produce the Ricoh, he produces The Frown. It's as adorable as The Smile, but too many of the former could suggest to the internet that there is a deficit in my mad mothering skilz. So to escape such public scrutiny, I changed my camera angle.

watching Las Vegas, which the boy is so into, probably because of all the boobs

The Ears my friends, are as endearing as a The Smile, and the back of that head is entirely kissable. In fact, I kiss it so much and with so much force that he's in danger of losing his brain through the vacuum created by my mouth on his fuzzy little cranium.

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