Friday, August 19, 2005

nanna news

My mother and grandmother both live in Queensland, and more specifically, in each others' pockets. This is the week though, that nanna makes her annual pilgrimage back home to visit....I don't specifically know. What do you visit when you come back to where your husband's ashes were scattered from a helicopter several years ago? Air? Ether? It can't be memories because thery never shared time in a helicopter in the middle of nowhere until he was in an urn and already dead.

This trip, like every one before, nanna is staying with her sister, my Great Auntie Esther, and after three days of missing each others' phone calls, we finally arranged to meet for a little family reunion over coffee at the mall.

Recap: no one in my family knows about this bun I've got going in this oven, so nanna was in for a shock when she saw me. Wanting to avert any cardiac arrests over the news of this illegitimate child, I warned her that I 'looked different' and that I 'had some news' to tell her when we met.

We met, we hugged, and I gently told her 'nanna, I'm pregnant...' Her eyes glassed over and her gaze drifted into the distance (was this a cerebral haemorrage?) and time stood still. Finally, she broke the silence as she turned to me and said 'that's nice dear. Now, where are we going for coffee?'

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