Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I'm this pregnant

this isn't my image, nor is it my blob.

Today marks the eleventh week and oneth day, and the following images are mine, and were taken at eight weeks and three days.

blobby 1
this is my blob (click to biggify)

Its head could be anywhere. Pick and end and go with it, okay? I should be able to work it out once it's born....

blobby 2
and this is too (click, biggify, etc)

Those wiggly lines are its heartbeat.

*dreamy sigh*

At two inches long, little blobbikins is now three times bigger than what you see here, is weighing in at a massive 8 grams, and is wiggling around in there getting ready for its big debut in December. It's also blocking my view of my toes.

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