Monday, June 06, 2005


It seems I really do have a belly, so much so that the man who guessed I was pregnant last week, took one look at me today and exclaimed 'Whoa, you certainly grew since I last saw you!'. Then he invited me for an early dinner this weekend to meet his wife and kids. He told me that this is a very special time, and that nothing should get in the way of that. You know though, as special as this time is, it's people like him that help make it feel special when it could just feel downright scary.

One by one, the class regulars are getting to know my news, and all of them have been so happy for me. Again today, one of them ever so gently, and totally non invasively, touched my belly as he said goodbye. He's away for the next few weeks (his work means he needs to go to Italy, the lucky dawg) and told me that he'd be thinking of us and wishing us both well while he's gone.

Rose joined the class this morning too. She's the woman who knew I was pregnant even before I did, and who has been so supportive and positive and excited for me. Work commitments have meant she hasn't been able to make her usual Wednesday class, so it made my day to see both her and another of the Wednesday people, Jess, there this morning.

Finally, I feel great, so I'm hoping this second trimester second wind kicked in this morning. Or maybe I'm jsut floating on all the love that's on offer. :) Or maybe it's the methamphetamine I whacked this morning to get me going... *whistles innocently*

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