Sunday, March 20, 2005

by special request

Apparently I'm operating on as many brain cells as there are sheets of A4 paper. There were six, not eight. Of those, three were either too short, too short or too short, or their parents were too short, so, um, no, but thanks for the offer.

So this is what we have left.

  • height: 186cm, father: 180cm, mother: 165cm
  • weight: 74kg, 100kg, 60kg
  • build: average, heavy, light
  • hair colour: light brown, mid brown, auburn red
  • hair features: straight, bald (yet mid brown. Interesting....), wavy
  • eye colour: blue grey, brown, blue
  • complexion: fair, olive, fair
  • facial features: his dad has a strong jawline (you think?)
  • age at donation: 22.3 current age: 28.0
  • country of birth: Australia father: Australia mother: Australia
  • interests: sports-gym, basketball, likes reading science books, vocalist-plays guitar
  • personality: happy, open minded, rational, introspective

  • or him:
  • height: 184cm, father:175cm, mother: 166cm
  • weight:83kg, 75kg, 50kg
  • build: muscular, average, light
  • hair colour: light brown, black, brown
  • hair features:none(?), balding, none (?!)
  • eye colour: green (his parents however, had none)
  • complexion: fair, fair, fair
  • age at donation: 43.0 current age: 48.7
  • country of birth: Australia, father: Australia from French parents, mother: Australia
  • interests: sport-all except football (thank fuck because football = major ick factor)

  • or him:
  • height: 190cm, father: 177cm mother: 176cm
  • weight:87kg, 70kg, 60kg
  • build: light, light. light
  • hair colour: dark brown, fair, fair
  • hair features: straight, straight/fine, fine/curly
  • eye colour: green, brown, hazel
  • complexion: fair, fair, fair
  • age at donation: 35.1 current age: 38.0
  • country of birth: Australia, father: England, mother: England
  • interests: sports-cricket (bleah), golf (bleah, bleah) and tennis (bleah)-club level (better, but still bleah) . Keeping fit
  • personality: relaxed, sociable, good sense of humour

  • Opine away, folks.

    Wait! I forgot something really important!

    Drumroll please.

  • height: 167cm, father: 178ishcm, mother: 168cm
  • weight: 55kg, ummm...., 55kg
  • build: slim/athletic, athletic, average
  • hair colour: brown, brown, darker brown
  • hair features: straight, straight, wavy
  • eye colour: blue grey, blue, hazel
  • complexion: light olive, light olive, medium
  • facial features: have them, my dad had them, and my mum currently has them.
  • current age: *banging head against wall*
  • country of birth: Australia father: Italy from Russian parents, mother: Australia
  • interests: Me. Duh.
  • personality: I have great norks.

    I like contestant number 3.

    Seriously, he was conditioned to dig sports, trust me on that.

    The other stuff sounds fine, and he's got his hair.

    He's also closer to your age.

    I like him.

    By Anonymous Angel, at 2:11 PM  

    Duly noted. ;)

    Now, where's obsidian?

    *tapping foot, checking watch*

    By Blogger aibee, at 2:22 PM  


    *tapping foot with aibee, cannot check watch, as don't own one*

    By Anonymous Angel, at 2:25 PM  

    *still tapping foot*

    Do people actually have OTHER stuff to do on the weekends?


    By Anonymous Angel, at 11:18 PM  


    By Blogger aibee, at 11:35 PM  

    hahahah sorry!! I'm here now.. Saturday and Sunday I have school.. 6:40 am to 1:00 pm . yuck

    okey.. number 1.. well if his dad was bald.. might mean your kid will bald.. unless its a girl.. but then again.. hmm okey thinking.. strong jawline..hmm.. Viggo.. yumm.. okey well may not be same kinda jawline.

    Now, contestant number two sounds good.. he doesnt like football...he is muscular.. means he works out.. but we dont know about his personality..hmm.

    Number three- is nearer to our age.. golf yuck.., but good sense of humor is crucial...

    I was leaning for 2.. but then ..if we dont know his personality.. maybe not..

    OK so 3 it is!!!!!

    obsidian :)

    By Blogger obsidian, at 2:29 PM  


    I believe we've reached a verdict here.

    We have a motion, seconded.... care to smack it with a gavel?


    By Anonymous Angel, at 2:48 PM  

    Aw fuck.

    I just got back from the RE's office, where I went with contestant number 1.

    Yeah, he's young, but he's a sperm donor fercryoutloud, not my husband, nor will he be a father to my child, so young is v. good. Also, his father has olive skin. *I* have olive skin. He has blue grey eyes and straight light brown hair. *I* have blue grey eyes and straight brown hair. He's open-minded, rational, introspective and irreligius. Hello! Need I say more? Also, I did the maths and he's a Pisces too. Aw.

    Number two (also a Piscean) lost on the green eyes. See, with no noted eye colour for his parents, there could be a dominanat brown gene in there somewhere. Then with all of them being fair complexioned? Hmm.

    Number three? His whole family ahs brown eyes *and* they're English. Not that there's anything wrong with being an Anglo, but complexion-wise? Not a match.

    Did I make the right choice? ::worried look::

    By Blogger aibee, at 4:56 PM  

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