Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I have a key!

I have a premises! I have credibilty! I have heartburn!

Actually I don't, but I was on a roll.

I digress!

I have ADD?

I have my very own key to Aria's studio. He works with other trainers in the same way. It's like this: we use his studio and a small portion of our fee goes to him. He's one smart cookie is our Aria.

And hot. Oh boy, is he hot. But I digress....again....

I have ADD!

He also handballed me a client he couldn't make time for this week and bahstardbahstardbastard, wouldn't you know it? I agreed to a time that I simply cannot make. Darnit.

Now that my back has settled, the only thing holding me back is fear of doing it in again. No shit, I'm scared of going to work today in case I hurt my back-but what's the option? Not working. And what would that achieve? Nothing. So....

Self talk is a marvelous thing.

I plan on empploying Aria as my personal trainer in a month or so. Weekly sessions maybe. I want to get more systematic with my weight training and I also want to gain fitness. I've lost a lot of condition in the past five weeks because, while I taught classes, I haven't been able to keep up. Instead of participating in my own classes, I've been standing on the sidelines and doing a lot of yelling. (the u[pshot is I've been getting in a lot of practice for when my kid plays soccer) Most of all, I want a reason to work on my eating and Aria has so many skills, both physical and metaphysical, that could help me do that. I need to eat better to get stronger, fitter, faster, and doing it for me isn't motivating enough-yet. I think it's the same for everyone. Sometimes we need an outside force to help us find that fire inside.

Ooh, deep.

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