Friday, April 21, 2006

four months etc

Daniel turned four months old on the twelfth, so what was that? Last Tuesday or Wednesday or something? and while I probably shouldn've written some kind of Dear baby, Love mama milestone-esque entry here, I didn't, probably because I was distracted by the personality my kid seemingly developed over night. Couple that with the extraordinary amount of time it takes to dress him these days, it's only due the xanax I fed him a few minutes ago that I have the time to write this today.

Re the dressing: There's no way dude has only two arms and two legs, because that's not what I'm seeing when I try to shove all seventy eight of them in to only two each of sleeves and pants legs. Usually I have them the right way round, ie arms in sleeves, legs in pants, so ill fitting clothes aren't the issue. It's the many tentacled, octopus like quality Daniel has developed that is. And he's strong. And he's also realised that not only does the world impact on him, he can impact on the world. I guess they call that 'free will', and I guess it'll cause me no end of grief at various points in our lives, but for now, it's exciting to see that Daniel make that impact, even if it means I have to hold him down with my foot as I wrestle his squirmy, multi-limbed self into a playsuit.

re the dressing, part deux: the nappy change. Oh. My. Goodness. That's the best game of all, in his opinion. The instant his pants are off, Daniel's legs are in the air. Two days ago, with legs in the air and while stretching himself out of all possiblity of being reclad in absorbant underclothes, Daniel discovered his feet for the very first time. More specifically, he discovered his toes, handfuls of them. He was so excited by his latest discovery that he stretched his legs to celebrate. Obviously, this caused him to lose his grip, leaving him befuddled and frustrated as he could still see the toes, but he couldn't reach those pesky little critters anymore. His excitement of this new digit awareness rapidly deflating, his legs relaxed which put his toes within reach again, so he grabbed them, got excited, straightened his legs, lost his grip, found them again, got excited, lost his grip...lather rinse repeat. For quite some time actually.

I told you that he learned how to roll last week, yes? That's been going well, and is his latest trick. Of course things will improve once he learns how to roll back again as so far, he rolls onto his tummy, spends some quality time with his arm jammed at a weird angle under his body, then squeals in frustration at being bound in this straight jacket of his own making, so once he's tried for long enough to right himself, I tip him back so he can roll over onto his tummy again and continue the process. Thing is, I think he's completed the 360 degree roll already, but like that frog in the Looney Tunes cartoon who sang opera only while unobserved, Daniel reserves his feats of might and daring to when there's no real audience. I don't know what he does while my back is turned, as he leaves no evidence of what he's been up to. His crafty plan to send me loopy was foiled last Sunday though (da dum). Our family was gathering at my brother's house for dinner, which is an aside actually, and as I'm such an organised mofo, we were already running crazy late by the time we'd had our afternoon walk, so I threw Daniel in the bath to rekindle his baby smell then left him lying on his back a towel on his play mat for some quality toy time. I popped in to check on him every few milliseconds as I ran riot through the house, organising our collective shit and getting ready for an evening out. At mid pop, the dude was was lying on his back, on his towel, on his playmat. I left him alone for ooh, thirty seconds? and by the time I got back to the room, Daniel was at least three feet from where I'd left him, on his stomach, away from his play mat and with the towel still under him, and judging by the confused expression on his face, the lad clearly had no idea how he'd got from point A to point B.

unassisted manouevre
photographic evidence of the actual event


In other news - and don't ask me how I managed to do it - I hit myself in the eyeball (yes, eyeball) yesterday, at force and with the edge of a laminated A4 piece of paper.

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