Friday, February 24, 2006

a small but interesting turn of events

After galivanting about in what must have been the thunderstorm of the year, I returned home to find two big bunches of flowers on my doorstep. The storm is an irrelevant detail to this brief update by the way, but put it this way, if Chicken Little had stopped by to declare the sky was falling, I'd sure as shit have believed that little fucker myself.

Anyhoo, flowers, two bunches, on my doorstep, big ones. See?

exhibit A

more flowers
exhibit B

Frooking gorgeous, and if you look really closely at exhibit B, you'll see a patch of blue which is in fact, a really soft and squishy, child friendly teddy bear. Aww.

Exhibit A was a gift from my nanna (thankyou nan!), and exhibit B was from....wait for it....(are your breathes bated?)....(whatever 'bated" means)....The Inappropriate Sperm Donor, and exhibit B, if you were taking notes, was the bunch with the teddy bear attached.

His card was written in his handwriting which, hello! He didn't just order these over the phone (am I reading too much into that detail?) and had a post script that literally read: PS congratulations on the birth of Daniel.


Uh, okay.

Also, this is the first birthday since I've known him that he's a) remembered and b) not ruined.

How about them apples, eh?

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