Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Dear internet

I'm back.

My apologies for being away for so long without any explanation, but I've been really quite ill. Some virus took me out, leaving only a couple of hours between 'hmm, I feel a bit funny' to being virtually comatose and surrounded by remote controls and tissue boxes. I shit you not when I say that I didn't even have the strength to sit here and type up an excuse for my absence. Boo hoo, etc.

Let's revisit the remote control issue. 'Remote controls?' you ask, to which I answer 'Yes, remote controls.' Has no one else noticed that the best way to survive feeling like that much shit is by commandeering every available remote control? I don't care if it opens the garage door, if you're sick, you need it within reach and ready to go. So for the last two weeks and in between naps, and in the absence of any of that heavenly pseudoephidrine, I lolled on the sofa and turned whatever I could on and off and on again. Repeat as desired. Also, many movies were watched (and what the fuck is up with that? My god, is there nothing entertaining to watch these days?), and I listened to my neighbours arsehole of a dog bark All. Fucking. Day. This idiot family has let their dog bark for at least six months, so because I was home to hear every single woof in the last two weeks, I finally reported that fucker to the local council - and wouldn't you know it? This is the week they've finally decided to shut the damn thing up, so there goes my opportunity to indulge in local politics.

While I was sick, the world continued to turn, and there is one day I'd like to comment on. It was Thursday, the eight of September, and that day was the twelfth anniversary of the end of my father's life. It was also the day someone had a birthday and celebrated the beginning of his life, someone else began chemotherapy to begin the journey to save her life, someone went to hospital to terminate a pregnancy and some would say, end a life, while some others buried their father and grandfather, and are mourning the end of his life.

It was a big day, eh?

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