Tuesday, September 18, 2007

oh eck

I've got a freakin' job interview tomorrow. No idea what to wear and, of course, no idea what in hell to do with the mess of ick sitting atop of my head.

Sunday night, I was feeling ineffective and like I'm not achieving anything bla bla boo hoo etc, when I had the idea that I'd LOVE to read gas meters to supplement my non existent income. Think about it: you get to run around like the devil is on your tail, reading meters and getting paid for as many as you do. What better incentive is there to run like the wind in a meter reading frenzy than that? Me? I'd like nothing more than to spend all day doing interval and anaerobic training. So I went onto seek.com, typed in the search term "meter reader", hit enter and *blam* the exact job popped up, just waiting for me to apply. So I did. Then I looked at a few other listings and applied for a few others in sales because, why not?

The other awesome cool job would be the one for the sales position for a foreign exchange firm. Money, baby, the smell of it in my hair at the end of each day. Mmm, mmm. Yes. My kind of work.

The meter reader people haven't called yet, nor have the foreign exchange people, but a firm hiring for another firm who needs people to answer phones and field questions about water restrictions or some shit I don't know about called. Three times, and I interview tomorrow.

I'm kind of buzzed I got an interview at all because my resume, while it's been nicely padded out, is kind of gappy. And of course I'm terrified, both of getting the job and of not getting it. And my wardrobe? It scares me. I mean, I can't go along in my trackie dacks, can I? Or can I? Please advise.

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